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Research Highlights

Open-source coding for electronic structure calculations
Micael Oliveira, Emilio Artacho, Mike Payne et al.

The arrow of time points the way
Max McGinley and Nigel Cooper.

Non-Hermitian topology corresponds to directional amplification
Clara C. Wanjura, Matteo Brunelli, and Andreas Nunnenkamp

Vanilla flavored supersymmetry
Jan Behrends and Benjamin Béri

Artificial intelligence learns to distinguish between different topological band structures
Mathias S. Scheurer and Robert-Jan Slager

A quantum ear
Shovan Dutta and Nigel Cooper

Exhaustive framework describing boundary modes of open quantum systems discovered
Dan S. Borgnia, Alex J. Kruchkov and Robert-Jan Slager

Researchers uncover topologically protected edge modes in open quantum systems
Simon Lieu, Max McGinley and Nigel Cooper.

There and back again: from magnets to superconductors
Gareth Conduit, Andrew Green, and Ben Simons

Understanding the growth of silicon carbide crystals
MJ Rutter and V Heine

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