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Next Session (Wednesday 8 Nov 2023, 14:00)

  • Speaker: Yufei Pei
  • Integer Quantum Hall Effect
  • References:
    • Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of "Topological Phases of Matter" by Moessner and Moore
    • Chapters 1 & 2 of the lecture notes on quantum Hall effects by David Tong.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • 15 November, 14:00: Yufei Pei, Quantum Hall Effect II

List of Subscribers:

  • M. Bejan
  • W. Janowski
  • A. Morris
  • A. Moorhouse
  • Y. Pei
  • L. Rüegg
  • A. Sanders
  • Email als217 @ to join!

The Journal Club provides an informal environment to practice presenting scientific material, a platform for discussion, as well as exposure to a broader background in physics. Everyone is welcome to attend, but if you are interested in giving a talk please let us know (by emailing als217 @

Talks should present the key results of a seminal paper chosen by the presenter, over a maximum of 50 minutes with at least 10 minutes for discussion. Whilst there are no restrictions on the publication date or subject matter of the paper, we encourage presenters to choose material which has proved to be influential for a wide section of the theoretical condensed matter community. A good source of material for this is Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics , which collates key papers and accompanies them with a commentary by a distinguished correspondent. The presentation itself need not follow the same structure as the original paper, and more modern pedagogical approaches to the same result can be adopted. Blackboard presentations are preferred.

Administrative Details

Meetings are usually held on Wednesday bi-weekly between 14:00-15:00 in the TCM seminar room.

The next speaker and their chosen paper will be announced via the mailing list and will be shown to the right. Subscribers will be listed to the right in the order they will present. Each session is chaired by the previous speaker, the role of whom is to introduce the speaker and lead the discussion. Members are generally expected to have read the paper and the chair is expected to read in enough detail to lead the discussion.

The presenter should send a reference to their chosen paper at least 5 days in advance of their slot.

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