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Austen Lamacraft

Prof Austen Lamacraft

Prof Austen Lamacraft

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Fellow of St John's College

Office: 529 Mott Bld
Phone: +44(0)1223 3 37378
Email: al200 @
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TCM Group, Cavendish Laboratory
19 JJ Thomson Avenue,
Cambridge, CB3 0HE UK.


The 20th Century saw the rise of the atomic theory of matter, with the quantum mechanics of many body systems at its foundation. Today, there exists a good qualitative understanding of gases, liquids, solids, metals, superconductors, and a variety of other states of matter in ordinary circumstances. My research concerns matter in exotic conditions, where radically different behaviour is possible. This might mean:

In general my goal is to understand what behaviour is generically possible in such systems. This means working with simplified models that can capture the essential physics of the situation. These models are then studied using methods of many body physics, field theory, or numerical simulation.