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Theory of Living Matter Group

The Theory of Living Matter group is a new initiative to build a network for researchers interested in theoretical analysis and modelling biological phenomena in Cambridge. The group aims to bring together theoretically oriented scientists (physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and others) and biologists on a postdoctoral or young group leader level. This initiative follows the ideas of the Physics of Living Matter initiative and the Physical Biology network, but our network focuses on the theoretical and modelling aspects of quantitative biology.For biologists, the network provides a local platform via which connections to theorists can be established and collaborations for data analysis and modelling can be initiated. For theorists, the network provides a way to connect with each other to discuss methods, keep up with the most exciting developments in biological research and connect to biologist with interesting phenomena to model.

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Next general meeting

Our next general meeting will focus on statistical methods in quantitative and computational biology. It will take place on the 28th March 2017 at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge.

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Biological and Statistical Physics Discussion Group

The Biological and Statistical Physics Discussion Group aims to share our research interests in Theoretical Physics and Biology and learn from each other in the form of meetings. Meetings take place biweekly on Thursdays at 12pm in the TCM seminar room (530, Mott building, Cavendish Laboratory).

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Pint of science 2016

The Pint of Science 2016 festival will be held on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May 2015 in pubs around Cambridge.

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Blog post about the Theory of Living Matter group

The speaker from our first regular meeting, Prof. Alfonso Martinez-Arias, has written an interesting and encouraging article on the Theory of Living Matter group and collaborations between physicists and biologists in general.

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Édouard Hannezo


Theoretical Biophysics

Ben Steventon

Group leader


Joe Guy

MD/PhD student


David Jörg


Theoretical Biophysics

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Do you think your experimental work might benefit from theoretical insights? Are you a theorist who would like to present his work to an interdisciplinary audience? The TLM group aims to bring together experimental and theoretical insights on current problems in biology. Why not give a talk in one of our meetings? Just send us an email at .

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