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26th December

The chain fountain is demonstrated by Jimmy Carr on the Christmas Edition of QI.

26th November

Dr Michael Rutter has started his term as President of the UCU Cambridge branch.

1st October

Bartomeu Monserrat

Mr Bartomeu Monserrat receives a Henslow Research Fellowship.

30th September

The Rutherford Physics Partnership, lead by Prof. Mark Warner, launches an open online course for school physics students

19th September

Dr Gareth Conduit has secured a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

18th August

Congratulations to Prof Mike Payne on winning the IoP's 2014 Swan medal and Prof Ben Simons on winning the IoP's Franklin medal.

3rd-10th August

Quantum Monte Carlo and the CASINO program IX, Vallico Sotto, Tuscany. Organised and hosted by Dr Towler.

26th July-2nd August

Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps IX, Vallico Sotto, Tuscany. Organised and hosted by Dr Towler.

7th-11th July

International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2014, Queens' College, Cambridge. Organised and hosted by Dr Castelnovo et al.

26th June

Dr John Biggins has been appointed to a 3-year University Lectureship.

1st January

Dr David Huggins

Dr David Huggins is awarded a Medical Research Council Advanced Fellowship.


Dr Gunnar Möller


12th January

Dr Gareth Conduit has won the Institute of Physics 3 Minute Wonder competition.