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On-line Theses

This catalogue contains those TCM theses for which we are aware of the full text being publically available on-line. It is a small part of the total thesis output of the Group. Those in TCM can also explore our catalogue of paper theses. Theses below marked with a TCM crocodile are in both catalogues.

First-Principles Studies of Complex Oxide Materials, Can Koçer (May 2021)

Stability and superconductivity of light-atom systems under extreme pressure, Alice Shipley (March 2021)

Equilibration of deep neural networks and carrier chirality in Rashba systems, Philipp Verpoort (February 2021) in TCM lib

Physical properties of alkanes and their mixtures, Pavao Santak (December 2020)

Mocking quantum mechanics: Semiclassical and machine-learning approaches to frustrated magnetism, Attila Szabó (October 2020)

Efficient Methods for Exploring Chemical Space in Computational Drug Discovery, Alexander Wade (1 September 2020)

Geometry and Topology of Quantum States in Quasicrystalline Systems, Stephen Spurrier (August 2020)

Structural Properties of Genotype-Phenotype Maps: Models, Estimates and Evolution, Marcel Weiß (August 2020)

Dynamical Aspects of Topological Quantum Systems, Maximillian McGinley (3 August 2020)

Communal pairing in Fermi gases with attractive interactions, Darryl Foo (1 August 2020) in TCM lib

Nonlinear dissipative dynamics of optomechanical and laser arrays, Petr Zapletal (30 July 2020) in TCM lib

Network modularity and local environment similarity as descriptors of protein structure, Will Grant (June 2020)

Quantum simulation and out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum gases in optical cavities, Ezequiel Rodriguez Chiacchio (June 2020)

First principles and machine learning methods in molecules, fluids, and solids, Yu Liu (9 April 2020) in TCM lib

Exotic vortices in superfluids and matrix product states for quantum optimization and machine learning, Beñat Mencia Uranga (2 March 2020) in TCM lib

Modelling the evolution of biological complexity with a two-dimensional lattice self-assembly process, Alexander Leonard (1 March 2020)

Predicting Transitions in Fischer-Tropsch Reactors, Kevin Duff (29 February 2020)

Accounting for Strong Electronic Correlation in Metalloproteins, Edward Linscott (26 October 2019) in TCM lib

Shape formation via elastic instabilities, Nontawit Cheewaruangroj (20 July 2019) in TCM lib

Non-equilibrium dynamics of dipole-coupled internal states in cold gases, Christopher Parmee (20 July 2019) in TCM lib

Quantum Mechanically Derived Biomolecular Force Fields, Alice Allen (18 May 2019) in TCM lib

Stability of topological states and crystalline solids, Bartholomew Andrews (October 2018) in TCM lib

Theoretical studies of compressed xenon oxides, tin selenide thermoelectrics, and defects in graphene, Nicholas Worth (2018) in TCM lib

Ab Initio Prediction of Metal Phosphide Anode Materials for Lithium and Beyond Lithium Batteries (MPhil), Angela Harper (2018)

Disorder-free localization, Adam Smith (17 September 2018) in TCM lib

Decompositions of Free Energies in Molecular Simulation, Benedict Irwin (14 September 2018) in TCM lib

First-principles structure prediction of extreme nanowires, Jamie Wynn (August 2018) in TCM lib

Periodic driving and nonreciprocity in cavity optomechanics, Daniel Malz (August 2018) in TCM lib

Spectral and dynamical properties of disordered and noisy quantum spin models, Daniel Rowlands (August 2018)

Disorder in holographic field theories: inhomogeneous geometries, momentum relaxation and SYK models, Bruno Loureiro (April 2018)

Interacting Fermi Gases, Thomas Whitehead (13 April 2018) in TCM lib

Large-scale density functional theory study of van-der-Waals heterostructures, Gabriel Constantinescu (March 2018)

Application of quantum Monte Carlo methods to homogeneous electron and electron-hole systems, Graham Spink (December 2017)

Ab Initio Anode Materials Discovery for Li- and Na-Ion Batteries, Martin Mayo (December 2017)

Electronic Structure Modelling of Singlet Fission in Organic Photovoltaics, David Turban (November 2017)

Crystal structure prediction at high pressures: stability, superconductivity and superionicity, Joseph Nelson (November 2017)

Investigating anharmonic effects in condensed matter systems, Joseph Prentice (September 2017)

Interacting atoms in time-dependent potentials and artificial gauge fields, Thomas Bilitewski (November 2016)

Aspects of transport in strongly correlated systems with gravity duals, Aurelio Romero Bermúdez (July 2016) in TCM lib

Large scale simulations of conduction in carbon nanotube networks, Robert Bell (7 April 2015) in TCM lib

Large scale quantum mechanical enzymology, Greg Lever (7 October 2014) in TCM lib

Electronic stopping power of slow ions in solids from first principles, Ahsan Zeb (12 November 2013)

Topological phenomena in ultracold atomic gases, Hannah Price (8 October 2013) in TCM lib

Improved wave functions for quantum Monte Carlo, Priyanka Seth (5 February 2013) in TCM lib

Theoretical study of polar complex oxide heterostructures, Nicholas Bristowe (October 2012)

Application of quantum Monte Carlo methods to excitonic and electronic systems, Robert Lee (12 July 2011) in TCM lib

Collective phenomena in correlated semiconductors, degenerate Fermi gases, and ferroelectrics, Gareth Conduit (13 October 2009) in TCM lib

Multiscale hybrid simulation of brittle fracture, James Kermode (11 March 2008) in TCM lib

Backflow and pairing wave function for quantum Monte Carlo methods, Pablo Lopez Rios (March 2007)

Aspects of quantum coherence, David Aragon (25 March 2006)

First principles calculation of nuclear magnetic resonance parameters, Jonathan Yates (25 November 2003) in TCM lib

Bose condensation in a model microcavity, Paul Eastham (19 June 2001) in TCM lib

Linear-scaling methods in ab initio quantum-mechanical calculations, Peter Haynes (13 October 1998) in TCM lib

Ab initio electron energy loss spectroscopy, Christopher Pickard (9 December 1997) in TCM lib

Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of electronic excitations, Andrew Williamson (10 December 1996) in TCM lib

Growth and stability of silicon carbide polytypes, Michael Rutter (September 1996) in TCM lib

An extension of the Anderson model as a model for mixed valence rare earth materials, Frederick Haldane (27 June 1978)

Non-linear conduction in superconductors, Brian Josephson (August 1964)

The determination of the band structure of metals, Volker Heine (22 November 1956) in TCM lib