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Theory of Condensed Matter

Theoretical Condensed Matter physics is about building models of physical processes, often driven by experimental data, generalising the solutions of those models to make predictions, and transferring the concepts gained into other areas. Theory plays an important role in understanding known phenomena and in predicting new ones.

With over seventy members, TCM is the largest university Condensed Matter Theory group in the country. Able to trace its history back for over sixty years, it has been home to many leading theoreticians.


Pieter Claeys

TCM congratulates Dr Pieter Claeys on his recent move to the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems where he now heads his own Research Group on the Dynamics of Quantum Information.

TCM also congratulates Dr Daniel Bennett on receiving the IoP's Sam Edwards Thesis Prize. Danny is now a postdoc at the University of Liège.

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