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Research Associate in Correlated Systems Theory

Applications are invited for an EPSRC funded post-doctoral research position in the Theory of Condensed Matter Group, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. The post will involve research in the general area of collective quantum matter, as pursued within the groups of Dr C. Castelnovo, Prof N. Cooper and Dr A. Lamacraft. Areas of current interest include (but are not limited to) many-body localization, frustrated magnetism, topological phases of matter and ultra-cold atomic gases.

Closing date: 8th February 2019.

Start date: 1st October 2019, or a mutually agreed date within 3 months on either side.

For further details about the post and to apply please follow the link below:

General Openings

If you are looking for independent post-doctoral opportunities, listed here are some links to prestigious fellowships in Cambridge and in the UK in general. These fellowships are competitive and often require the explicit support of a host institution. If you feel qualified to apply and would like to discuss the possibility, please contact your prospective host advisor. For those awards intended for experienced postdocs to lead their own research groups, please contact the TCM staff member to whom your research is most closely linked.

Please be sure to contact a member of the TCM group well in advance of the deadlines stated on these external pages. Advance notice is needed for the group to determine whom it can offer to host, and also to ensure any application meets the (earlier) internal University deadlines. These fellowships are competitive and the group will only support the strongest applicants. While the group tries to be flexible, we may not be able to give full consideration to expressions of interests received less than two months prior to the closing date of the call.

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