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Graduate teaching

Research students in TCM are able to take advantage of a wide range of courses offered by the University. Final year undergraduate (Part III) courses in both Physics and Mathematics can be relevant. For some, courses from the CDT in Computational Methods for Materials Science (and the associated MPhil) will be of interest too.

The Group also runs its own graduate lecture programme, mostly in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. Details of these follow.

TCM graduate lectures

(All at 10am in the TCM Seminar Room unless otherwise stated.)

Michaelmas 2018

Understanding Electrons in Solids, Prof Volker Heine, Mondays 8th October to 26th November.

Condensed Matter Physics: Beyond the Basics, Prof David Khmelnitskii, Tues and Thurs, 9th October to 17th November.

Topics of Current Research Weds 10th Oct to 28th Nov

These are a set of single lectures from staff members and close visitors on their current research.

Fairy Tales, Prof David Khmelnitskii, Fridays, 5th October to 23rd November. 5/10 Drunkard and Policemen, 12/10 Bouncing Ball: π2 in the Exponential, 19/10 Climbing the Mountain: on the Kepler Problem, 26/10 the Mystery of the Balmer Formula, 2/11 Group Theory: Magnetic Groups, 9/11 Calculating the Sums, TBAx2.

Lent 2019

Itinerant Magnetism, Dr Gareth Conduit, Mondays 21st & 28th January, 4th February.

Physical Kinetics, Prof David Khmelnitskii, Tuesdays 15:00 and Thursdays 15:30, starting 22nd January.

Topics of Current Research Wednesdays

Fairy Tales, Prof David Khmelnitskii, Fridays, 25th January to 8th March. 25/1 Solitary waves on shallow water, 1/2 Supersymmetric quantum mechanics, 8/2 Young tableaux and rotations of molecules, 15/2 Spin and oscillators, 22/2 Minimal surfaces, 1/3 Atiyah-Singer index theorem, 8/3 Kaleidoscopes.

Easter 2018 (past)

Localisation, Prof David Khmelnitskii, 26th April, 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd and 24th May.

Fairy Tales

For over twenty years Prof Khmelnitskii has presented his "Fairy Tales." These are stand-alone lectures elucidating a particular topic of mathematical physics. They are given on Friday mornings at 10am, and many remember them for years. They have been appreciated by many, from PhD students through post-docs to professors.

Various lecture notes

Some of TCM's staff members have produced some particularly illuminating and engaging course notes for courses presented elsewhere. A selection of these is presented below.

Ben Simons' lecture notes

Quantum Condensed Matter Physics (Graduate course)
Michaelmas Term 2013, 24 Lectures

Phase Transitions and Collective Phenomena (Part III)
Lent Term 2012, 12 Lectures

Functional Methods in Condensed Matter (Graduate course)
Lent Term 2005: 11 lectures

Quantum Condensed Matter Field Theory (Part III)
Michaelmas Term 2004, 15 lectures

Michael Rutter's lecture notes

An Introduction to MPI (CDT/MPhil in computational methods / scientific computing), and other computing topics.