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Rutherford Physics Partnership

Teaching Prof Mark Warner is a founder an co-director of the Rutherford Physics Partnership, a large Department for Education funded program that brings physics and maths skills to students between the end of GCSE through the AS and A2 years to the start of university. The partnership has produces a problem centered massive online physics course, with the motto "you work it out".

Graduate lectures

M-mas Term
Lent Term
Easter Term
Fairy Tales
Physical Kinetics

Ben Simons' Lecture Notes

Quantum Condensed Matter Physics (Graduate course)
Michaelmas Term 2013, 24 Lectures

Phase Transitions and Collective Phenomena (Part III)
Lent Term 2012, 12 Lectures

Functional Methods in Condensed Matter (Graduate course)
Lent Term 2005: 11 lectures

Quantum Condensed Matter Field Theory (Part III)
Michaelmas Term 2004, 15 lectures