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  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Topological marker currents in Chern insulators

    Marcello D. Caio, Gunnar Möller, Nigel R. Cooper, and Miraculous J. Bhaseen

    Nature Physics Physics 315, 1 (2019)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Synthetic gauge fields for lattices with multi-orbital unit cells: routes towards a π-flux dice lattice with flat bands

    Gunnar Möller and Nigel R. Cooper

    New Journal of Physics 20, 073025 (2018)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Stability of fractional Chern insulators in the effective continuum limit of Harper-Hofstadter bands with Chern number |C|>1

    Bartholomew Andrews and Gunnar Möller

    Physical Review B 97, 035159 (2018)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Exotic Non-Abelian Topological Defects in Lattice Fractional Quantum Hall States

    Zhao Liu, Gunnar Möller and Emil J. Bergholtz

    Physical Review Letters 119, 106801 (2017)

    Note the supplementary information.

  • [DOI] [arXiv] [Open Access] Magnetic diffuse scattering in artificial kagome spin ice

    O. Sendetskyi, et al.

    Physical Review B 93, 224413 (2016)

    PRB Editor's choice; I modeled and interpreted data for this experimental collaboration.

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Geometric stability of topological lattice phases

    T. S. Jackson, G. Möller, and R. Roy

    Nature Communications 6, 8629 (2015)

    Note the extensive supplementary information, especially Supplementary Note 1 on the canonical definition of Berry curvature.

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Fractional Chern Insulators in Harper-Hofstadter Bands with Higher Chern Number

    Gunnar Möller and Nigel R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 115, 126401 (2015)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Josephson-coupled Moore-Read states

    G. Möller, L. Hormozi, J. Slingerland, and S.H. Simon

    Physical Review B 90, 235101 (2014)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Majorana modes and p-wave superfluids for fermionic atoms in optical lattices

    A. Bühler, N. Lang, C.V. Kraus, G. Möller, S.D. Huber, and H.P. Büchler

    Nature Communications 5, 4504 (2014)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Adiabatic continuation of Fractional Chern Insulators to Fractional Quantum Hall States

    Thomas Scaffidi and Gunnar Möller

    Physical Review Letters 109, 246805 (2012)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Particle Entanglement Spectra for Quantum Hall states on Lattices

    A. Sterdyniak, N. Regnault and G. Möller

    Physical Review B 86, 165314 (2012)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Fractional Quantum Hall Effect of Lattice Bosons Near Commensurate Flux

    L. Hormozi, G. Möller and S. H. Simon

    Physical Review Letters 108, 256809 (2012)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Correlated phases of bosons in the flat lowest band of the dice lattice

    G. Möller and N. R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 108, 045306 (2012)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Competing Topological Orders in the ν = 12/5 Quantum Hall State

    Parsa Bonderson, Adrian Feiguin, G. Möller, and J. K. Slingerland

    Physical Review Letters 108, 036806 (2012)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Neutral Fermion Excitations in the Moore-Read state at Filling Factor ν = 5/2

    G. Möller, A. Wójs, and N. R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 107, 036803 (2011)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][Open Access] Composite Fermion Dynamics in Half-Filled Landau Levels of Graphene

    A. Wójs, G. Möller, and N. R. Cooper

    Acta Physica Polonica A 119, 592 (2011)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][Open Access] Structure and consequences of vortex-core states in p-wave superfluids

    G. Möller, N. R. Cooper and V. Gurarie

    Phys. Rev. B 83, 014513 (2011)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][Open Access] Trial wavefunctions for the Goldstone mode in ν=1/2+1/2 quantum Hall bilayers

    G. Möller and S. H. Simon

    Advances in Condensed Matter Physics, vol. 2011, Article ID 815169 (2011)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][Open Access] Condensed Groundstates of Frustrated Bose-Hubbard Models

    G. Möller and N. R. Cooper

    Phys. Rev. A 82, 063625 (2010)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Skyrmions in the Moore-Read state at ν = 5/2

    A. Wójs, G. Möller, S. H. Simon, and N. R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 104, 086801 (2010)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Magnetic multipole analysis of kagomé and artificial ice dipolar arrays

    G. Möller and R. Moessner

    Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 80, 140409(R) (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Composite Fermion Theory for Bosonic Atoms in Optical Lattices

    G. Möller and N. R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 103, 105303 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Fractional quantum Hall state at ν=1/4 in a wide quantum well

    Z. Papic, G. Möller, M. V. Milovanovic, N. Regnault, M. O. Goerbig

    Physical Review B 79, 245325 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Trial Wavefunctions for ν = 1/2 + 1/2 Quantum Hall Bilayers

    G. Möller, S. H. Simon, E. H. Rezayi

    Physical Review B 79, 125106 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Pairing in ultracold Fermi gases in the lowest Landau level

    G. Möller, Th. Jolicoeur, N. Regnault

    Physical Review A 79, 033609 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Paired composite fermion phase of quantum Hall bilayers at ν = 1/2 + 1/2

    G. Möller, S. H. Simon, E. H. Rezayi

    Physical Review Letters 101, 176803 (2008)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Paired composite fermion wavefunctions

    G. Möller and S. H. Simon

    Physical Review B 77, 075319 (2008)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Density waves and supersolidity in rapidly rotating atomic Fermi gases

    G. Möller and N. R. Cooper

    Physical Review Letters 99, 190409 (2007)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Artificial square ice and related dipolar nanoarrays

    G. Möller and R. Moessner

    Physical Review Letters 96, 237202 (2006)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Dimensional Reduction on a Sphere

    G. Möller, S. Matveenko, and S. Ouvry

    Int. J. Mod. Phys. 20, 3533 (2006)

  • [DOI] [arXiv][PW Access] Composite Fermions in Negative Effective Field: A Monte-Carlo Study

    G. Möller and S. H. Simon

    Physical Review B 72, 045344 (2005)


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