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Introduction to MPI

This page gathers together resources for the Introduction to MPI course by MJ Rutter for the 2017 MPhil / CDT in the Centre for Scientific Computing. The copyright of the contents is held by its author, unless otherwise stated.


Example Materials

The Beginning (lecture 2)

More Quadrature (lecture 3)

Mandelbrot Set (lecture 4)

Some prefer to see examples in Fortran, and, for them, mandel_mpi.f90 is provided. This uses mpi_gather to collect the whole array onto the root process before writing it out. It uses stream I/O (introduced in Fortran 2003). It could be modified to use the inquire statement and pos option to the write statement in order to let each MPI process write its own line, in a similar fashion to the C codes above.

Laplace's Equation (lecture 5)

Miscellaneous (lecture 6)

Communicators (lecture 7)

MPI-IO (lecture 7)

Hardware (lecture 8)

Useful Links