FAIRY   TALES


                   MATHEMATICAL   PHYSICS


                                  on Bouncing Ball

               SECOND   PROLOGUE

                                         Reflection over the Barrier

              Tale 1

                     Pendulum and WKB Approximation

              Tale 2

                    Waves on Shallow Water

              Tale 3


             Tale 4

                      Drunkard and Policemen

              Tale 5

                      Quantum Top and  Tunnelling of Magnetisation

                  Tale 6

                       Kramers Phase

                  Tale 7

                       Singularities of Ordered Phases

               Tale 8

                              Taylor  Instability and Ship Waves

               Tale 9

                               Hidden Symmetry of the Kepler Problem

               Tale 10

                           Rates of  Activation Processes

                  Tale 11

                             Collapse of a Bubble in Water

                  Tale 12

                            Calculation of the Sums, Landau Diamagnetism
                              and de Haas-van Alphen Effect

                  Tale 13

                          Energy Levels of Soccer-ball Molecule

                  Tale 14

                             Painting of Polyhedrae or the Shubnikov Problem

                Tale 15

                           Climbing the Mountans and Geodesic Lines

                   Tale 16

                            Variable  Dimensionality

                   Tale 17

                          Rainbows and Catastrophes

                   Tale 18

                          Sunflowers, Pineapples and Modular Forms

                   Tale 19

                        Molecular Rotations and the the Berry Phase

                   Tale 20

                         Infinities and Regularizations

                    Tale 21

                         On Shape of the Galaxies

                    Tale 22

                          Laplacian Growth

                    Tale 23

                          Tricomi Equation and Crossing of Discontinuities

                    Tale 24

                         Hall Conductance Quantisation

                    Tale 25

                         Special  Functions and Group Representations.
                            1. SO(n) and Gegenbauer Polynomials.

                    Tale 26

                         Can one hear the string shape.
                            Inverse scattering problem.

                    Tale 27

                         Three  Particles Collisions

                    Tale 28

                          Singular Integral Equations

                    Tale 29

                         On Higher Orders in Perturbation Theory

                     Tale 30

                          On Boundary Layer and Electrostatics
                             of Quantum Hall Effect

                  Tale 31

                             Stability of the Fronts

                  Tale 32

                              On  Hotzmark  Distribution

                  Tale 33


                  Tale 34


                  Tale 35

                              Special  Functions and Group Representations.
                              2. SL2 (R) and Hypergeometric  Functions.

                  Tale 36

                              Projective Representations and Group's Cohomologies

                  Tale 37

                                Universe as a Dynamical System

                  Tale 38

                                Young Tableaux and Rotations of Molecules

                  Tale 39

                   Tale 40

                                Lie  Algebras and Dynamic Symmetry
                                of Elementary Particles

                    Tale 41

                                on Tiling

                    Tale 42

                             Frenet  Formulas and Hyper-spiral
                                Structure of DNA

                    Tale 43

                                    Waves on Water: Coastal Waves,
                                 Bores and Waterfalls

                     Tale 44

                    Tale 45

                                    Spin and Oscillator

                         Tale 46

                                  Green  Functions and Resistor's Networks

                          Tale 47

                          Tale 48

                                      \pi^2  in the exponent

                          Tale 49

                                   Sticky Ball, Potential Theory and Catastrophes

                           Tale 50

                                   Logic as Algebra

                            Tale 51

                                    Random Walk and Weyl Formula

                             Tale 52

                             Tale 53

                                      Froud's Pendulum

                              Tale 54

                                           A pendulum and elliptic functions

                                  Tale 55

                                         2D Fluid Dynamics

                                  Tale 56

                                         Frobenius Numbers and Quantum Mechanics

                                  Tale 57

                                         Penrose Tiling and Quasicrystals

                                   Tale 58

                                          Classification of Lie Algebras

                                   Tale 59

                                          Exceptional Lie Algebras

                                   Tale 60

                                   Tale 61

                                          Quasi-exactly solvable Schroedinger

                                    Tale 62


                                              Tale 63

                                                   On Duality

                                             Tale 64

                                                                On envelopes

                                                Tale 65

                                                     Two Eulers

                                                Tale 66

                                                      Optics and Hyperbolic Geometry

                                                 Tale 67

                                                 Tale 68

                                                 Tale 69

                                                 Tale 70

                                                      On Planetary Rings

                                                  Tale 71

                                                  Tale 72

                                                   Tale 73

                                                   Tale 74

                                                    Tale 75

                                                         Top and Monopole

                                                    Tale 76

                                                    Tale 77

                                                          Kapitza's Pendulum

                                                    Tale 78

                                                    Tale 79

                                                         Minimal Surfaces

                                                    Tale 80

                                                          Remarcable  Curves

                                                    Tale 81

                                                         Mortality, Shot Noice and Random Processes

                                                    Tale 82

                                                          Coastal Waves

                                                     Tale 83

                                                          Symmetric Group, Young  Tableaux and States of Molecules

                                                     Tale 84

                                                              Superconductor near its Self-Duality Point

                                                      Tale 85

                                                      Tale 86

                                                            Cardano Formula

                                                       Tale 87

                                                                          Kohn's Anomaly and Catastrophes

                                                       Tale 88

                                                            The Clock

                                                         Tale 89

                                                                          Descriptive Geometry

                                                         Tale 90  

                                                         Tale 91

                                                         Tale 92

                                                                          Electrostatics and Conformal Mapping

                                                          Tale 93

                                                           Tale 94

                                                           Tale 95

                                                           Tale 96

                                                           Tale 97

                                                           Tale 98

                                                           Tale 99

                                                           Tale 100

                                                           Tale 101

                                                          Appendix 1