John S. Biggins
John S. Biggins


TCM Group
Cavendish Laboratory
JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0HE
United Kingdom


Division C
Engineering Dept
Trumpington St,
Cambridge CB2 1PZ
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1223 7 60502


I wrote and lecture the Cambridge 2nd year course for engineers on Lagrangian Mechanics (2P1). My notes are available here. In 2019 I won a departmental teaching prize for this course. I also teach a fourth year module on variational methods and partial differential equations (4M12), and assist with various labs.

I used to lecture the Cambridge 1st year physics course on oscillations. The slides for the course can be found in html5 here, and my notes are here.

I also used examine and run examples classes for the third year class Theoretical Physics 1. The informal course website, with many years of exam questions and solutions, is here.

I am also very interested in teaching and inspiring bright students towards the end of their school careers. I have written and taught summer-courses on special relativity, energy and momentum and sustainable development for this age group and give half-day outreach sessions on chain fountains and the physics of rugby. I also coach the British team for the International Physics Olympiad on special relativity and electromagnetism, and act as a consultant for the isaac-physics MOOC.

I gave a plenary lecture about the Cambridge approach to teaching science (the natural sciences tripos) at the Chalmers initiative seminar "at the interface between life and matter". The slides can be downloaded here.

In college I currently supervise undergraduates in first electrical engineering, and second year mechanical engineering. Previously, I have supervised in electromagnetism, classical dynamics and thermodynamics at Cambridge University.