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Below is a very rough and ready list of my publications. A better curated list is available the soft mechanics website.

  1. Andrea Giudici and John S Biggins. Curvature-driven instabilities in thin active shells. Royal Society Open Science, 2022. (21 pages)

  2. Leone Costi, Josephine Hughes, John Biggins, and Fumiya Iida. Bioin- spired soft bendable peristaltic pump exploiting ballooning for high vol- ume throughput. IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics, 4(3):570–577, 2022. (8 pages)

  3. Elizabeth R Hopper, Christina Boukouvala, J´er´emie Asselin, John S Big- gins, and Emilie Ringe. Opportunities and challenges for alternative nanoplasmonic metals: Magnesium and beyond. The Journal of Physi- cal Chemistry C, 126(26):10630–10643, 2022. (14 pages)

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  5. Christina Boukouvala, Elizabeth R Hopper, Dawn M Kelly, Philippa J Knight, John S Biggins, and Emilie Ringe. Beyond simple crystal systems: Identifying twinning in body-centered tetragonal nanoparticles. Crystal Growth & Design, 22(1):653–660, 2021. (8 pages + 3 pages SI)

  6. Daniel Duffy, M Javed, MK Abdelrahman, TH Ware, Mark Warner, and JS Biggins. Metric mechanics with nontrivial topology: Actuating irises, cylinders, and evertors. Physical Review E, 104(6):065004, 2021. (8 pages)

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  10. Andrea Giudici and John S Biggins. Giant deformations and soft-inflation in lce balloons. Europhysics Letters, 132(3):36001, 2020

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PhD Thesis

You can download my PhD thesis here.