Lecture 1.                                                  Problems

      Phases and Phase Transitions. Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking.

  Lecture 2                                                    Problems

    Mean Field Approximation and Landau
    Theory of type II Phase Transitions

   Lecture 3                                                      Problems

    Digression on Superconductivity

   Lecture 4                                                       Problems

    Thermal Fluctuations and Stability. Validity of the Mean Field Description
    Upper Critical Dimension.

   Lecture 5                                                       Problems

    Fluctuations in One-dimensional Systems.

   Lecture 6                                                       Problems

      Renormalisation Group at Upper Critical Dimension

   Lecture 7                                                        Problems

      RG at Upper Critical Dimension. Continuation.

   Lecture 8                                                        Problems

     RG at an Arbitrary Dimentsion. Scaling.
    Fractional Dimension. Calculation of Indexes.

   Lecture 9                                                        Problems

    Perturbations of Scaling Theory.
    Relevant and Irrelevant Perturbations.

   Lecture 10                                                       Problems

      One more Digression on Superconductivity.

   Lecture 11                                                       Problems

      Superfluidity of Thin Helium Films.
     Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition.

   Lecture 12                                                         Problems

      Confinement-Deconfinement Transition.
      What remains to be understood.

   Appendix 1                                                      Problems

     Defects of Ordered Phases and their Topological Classification.

   Appendix 2                                                       Problems

      First nearly Second Type Phase Transition in Compressible Solids

   Appendix 3

       Polymer Statistics.

   Appendix 4

       Operator Algebra. Conformal Invariance, Conformal
      Bootstrap and Speciality of Dimension Two.