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Downloading from src.tcm

Web-based access via is probably the simplest way of achieving casual download access. However, if you wish to use svn/cvs, and you have an account on src.tcm, the recipe for downloading projects follows.

These examples assume that your account name on cvs.tcm is spqr1, your account name on your local machine is not necessarily spqr1, and that you are trying to download one of the projects in mjr's space on the server to your current directory.


$ svn checkout svn+ssh://


$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ export CVS_SERVER=acvs
$ export
$ cvs co rpm2dir 

Note that the "CVS_SERVER=acvs" causes the check-out to occur without any locking. If someone is updating things at the instant you check out, you will get an mangled copy. On the other hand, it does not require you to have write access to the relevant lock directory for the repository. The web interface does no locking either.

If you do have write access to the relevant directory, then you can, and should, omit the "CVS_SERVER=acvs" line. If changing to a different repository, you can cancel this line with "unset CVS_SERVER".

Note that "CVSROOT" has no underscore, whereas the other two variable names do.