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Computing Resources

Researchers in TCM have access to a wide range of computer resources, including Cambridge's High Performance Computing Service, national sites such as Archer, and supercomputers at several foreign institutions including in the USA and Japan. The local facilities are much more modest, but still extend to a few tens of TFLOPS, with a common Linux desktop environment provided for those who wish for it.

Most information about TCM's computers lies on an internal page resticted to the University. However, a few pieces of information need to be seen by people outside of the University, so are here instead.

For the avoidance of doubt, TCM is not a public service provider, and just because you can read something here by no means implies that you have any right to use it.

Visitors to TCM may wish to know that our prefered means of providing internet access is the Eduroam wireless service. This has to be set up in your home institution, not the institution you are visiting. The second best access system here is a wireless service called UniOfCam run by the central University Computing Service. Tickets for it lasting up to two months can be provided quite rapidly by most staff via the "tickets" tab on the UCS's wireless console page, and, although most ports are blocked, it does support web browsing, including encrypted web browsing and ssh. Local printing is possible via IPP and plover (that link will work from UniOfCam, but not from outside the University). If your needs will not be met by this service, advance warning may be beneficial.

Collaborators who wish to find out about our repository server can follow the link in this paragraph.

A separate page describes software developed in TCM.