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The Senior Physics Challenge is an initiative to develop skills and interest in school students in the great intellectual challenges that higher Physics presents when investigating the natural world. A summer school brings together in Cambridge some of the most able 64 students in the UK at the end of their AS (penultimate) school year. See the SPC web site . The SPC directors are Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright and MW. The SPC is difficult for school pupils of this age - Feynman problems in mechanics, first and second year university quantum mechanics, lab and estimation classes are pursued during long days, along with other fun activities, e.g. punting. Students are very happy to be seriously extended.
Participating Cambridge Colleges are major supporters of the SPC.

My Corpus website and the Corpus Physics website have more teaching information.

Our Quantum Mechanics Primer is most definitely not a text book, but a practical introduction to quantum mechanics, and good practice for school and university students of the maths and physics generally needed for university. See more information.

I am a co-director of Isaac Physics , a major, DfE funded, physics and maths skills national development project. See more information.

Would you like to know "How to get into Cambridge or other top UK (Russell Group) Universities: The inside story"? I summarise several years of doing admissions in Cambridge.