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Prof. Mark Warner

Major Prizes and Awards

Bragg Medal and Prize, Institute of Physics, 2019. (Jointly with Dr. Lisa Jardine-Wright.)

Founders' Prize, Polymer Physics Group of the Institute of Physics. For "an outstanding contribution to Polymer Physics in the UK or Ireland", 2017 (given every two years).

GW Gray Medal of the British Liquid Crystals Society, for outstanding contributions to Liquid Crystal Science, soft matter theory, and the statistical physics of liquid crystal elastomers, 2014.

Colwyn Medal of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, for discoveries in elastomers, 2013.

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 2012.

The Cambridge Philosophical Society Hopkins Prize 2009, for work on liquid crystal elastomers, particularly non-linear photo-induced deformations.

EPSRC Senior Fellowship, 2008-2013. Professorial Research Fellowship, plus post-doc, computing and other support. Release from teaching and administration until April 2013.

The EuroPhysics Prize of the European Physical Society, 2003, for discoveries in liquid crystal elastomers. Formerly the Hewlett-Packard (Agilent) Prize of the EPS - leading prize for condensed matter physics. [SF50,000]

Elected Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 2002. See citation.

Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize, 2000, for seminal work on liquid crystal elastomers. [DM100,000]

Maxwell Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics, 1989, for statistical mechanics of liquid crystals and polymers.