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Prof. Mark Warner

"A Cavendish Quantum Mechanics Primer"

Our Quantum Mechanics Primer is most definitely not a text book, but a practical introduction. Chapters 13 are used in the SPC. Chapters 25 would also serve university quantum mechanics courses, for instance, until midway through the second year in Cambridge from where we have drawn many problems. Maths and physics skills are revised in chapter 1. Then chapters 2 and 3 introduce the quantum world for real, not by analogies and taking on trust, but by solving the problems that suffuse the text. The first three chapters guide the transition from school to university. They develop the fluency and understanding required for admissions to higher physics, maths and engineering.

The primer is published by the Periphyseos Press and is available at cost price (1) for group orders of about 20 copies (plus P&P); see the Primer's website.