Postdoctoral positions

We are currently seeking to fill at least two postdoctoral positions, one in the area of theory and the others in experimental cell biology.

With the first position, we are looking for someone with experience in statistical and computational approaches in biological systems and/or active matter physics. The project options are broad and may include analysing data from our own lab and collaborative partners or advancing new areas of theoretical/computational research in the area of living and active matter. For further details of the position follow the link and feel free to contact Ben Simons.

With the other positions, we are looking for experimental cell biologists with expertise in the study of epithelial tissues. The project will focus on the study of the mechanisms of stem and progenitor cell fate in intestinal or squamous epithelial tissue using mouse models and human organoid tissue in normal and diseased states. Using a combination of cell lineage tracing, gene-specific perturbations, organoid assays, and single-cell transcriptional profiling, the aim of the project will be to explore the functional heterogeneity and fate behaviour of stem cells and their progenies, and how their programmes become altered during regeneration and (pre)neoplastic transformation. For further details of the position follow the link and feel free to contact Ben Simons.

Beyond the current positions, we are always happy to hear from anyone interested to join the group and potential applicants are encouraged to contact Ben Simons for advice on when positions may be coming available. We also support applicants seeking to secure their own postdoctoral fellowship funding, either through national and international schemes, or locally through College and University Research Fellowships.

Graduate studies: Biology (Theory and Experiment)

The group may be seeking to appoint at least one graduate student in the area of biological physics to start in October 2023.

Alongside projects involving the development of theoretical approaches to biology, we welcome applications from students interested in undertaking experimental or joint experimental and theoretical work either in our own lab or with partner laboratories in Cambridge. Current research interests include the exploitation of transgenic mouse models and organoid culture systems to study developmental dynamics in epithelial tissues, and how these programmes become dysregulated during the transition to cancerous states.

EU and Non-EU applicants should note the funding requirements of the University and they should ensure that their application meets the deadlines imposed by appropriate funding schemes. For further details of the arrangements at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, we refer to the following link.

Regrettably, the lab is not in a position to support Masters students or host Summer placements.

Graduate studies: Physics

We regret that the group will not be recruiting graduate students in theoretical quantum condensed matter physics this year.