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An Advanced Working Group on Slow Relaxation and Glassiness (AWGSRG) will be held at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, on September 4-5, 2023 (Mon-Tue). This is intended to be a small meeting (limited to 25-30 participants) combining a sparse programme of talks with plenty of time for discussions. It is in the tradition of a successful series of 'Advanced Working Groups'.

We are coming at this topic from our work on slow relaxation in magnetic systems, where such studies have a long tradition (not least in the context of spin glasses) and also in a range of other model systems/materials. In this 2-day meeting, we would like to offer a broader perspective, and attempt some cross-fertilisation between different platforms in terms of phenomena and methods (both experimentally and theoretically). We are particularly interested in understanding how slow relaxation arises from strong correlations, in disordered or active matter, including soft, bio and living matter, or in clean Markovian systems (e.g., due to emergent disorder or limited mobility of fractionalised excitations), in stat mech or quantum settings.

The meeting is aimed at stimulating focused exploratory discussions on these different topics, looking for possible points of contacts in the respective techniques and concepts.

There will be a handful of overview talks, as well as a limited number of short focussed presentation, to guide and supplement the discussions. If you would like to contribute a short presentation, please supply a proposed title and short abstract.


We can cover all accommodation and subsistence expenses for the participants, and there is no registration fee for the event. However, funds for travel reimbursement are limited and if your ability to participate is strictly subject to travel support, please contact us at your earliest convenience with an estimate of the support you require, so that we can see to what extent we can help.


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Late July, 2023
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Mid August, 2023
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September 4-5, 2023