Relativity Electrodynamics and Light (2007-8)

Lecturer: Nigel Cooper

Electrodynamics and Radiation [pdf]
Special Relativity [pdf]
Relativistic Electrodynamics [pdf]

Problem Set

Problem sheet [pdf]

Lecture Overheads

Additional Material

Einstein's paper on SR [pdf]
Experimental Evidence for SR
Terrell Rotation
Einstein's paper on mass and energy [pdf, gz-ps]
Synchrotron Light in a Nutshell [pdf]
Syllabus and Reading list

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Information for Exchange Students

WWW Links and Demos

Brewster Angle
Birefringence in Calcite crystals
Optical Rotation: Bates Saccharimeter
Polarized Light (historical apparatus)
MIT Electromagnetism demonstrations
Dipole Radiation Demo
How to Become An Antenna Guru
Basic Antenna Theory
Antenna Applets
Galilean Relativity
Visualising Special Relativity
Speeding Through the Universe
CMB Radiation Fluctuations WMAP
"EM Relativity Drive"
Moving Charge Applet
Reactor Core Cerenkov Radiation
Super-Kamiokande Cerenkov Detector
Accelerating Charge Demo
Circular Accelerators
Diamond Light Source

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