Relativity, Electrodynamics and Light

Lecturer: Nigel Cooper

Precision experimental Verification of Special Relativity,
D. Newman, G. W. Ford, A. Rich, and E. Sweetman,
Physical Review Letters 40, 1355 (1978). [PRL]

Is the Speed of Light Independent of the Velocity of the Source?
Kenneth Brecher,
Physical Review Letters 39, 1051 (1977). [PRL]

Improved Laser Test of the Isotropy of Space,
A. Brillet and J. L. Hall,
Physical Review Letters 42, 549 (1979). [PRL]

Tests of relativity from SN1987A,
Michael J. Longo,
Phys. Rev. D 36, 3276-3277 (1987) [PRD]

Measurements of the Lifetimes of Positive and Negative Pions,
David S. Ayres et. al.,
Phys. Rev. D 3, 1051-1063 (1971) [PRD]

See also this discussion and list of many other experimental tests.

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