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Nigel Cooper

Room 500, Mott Building.
Telephone: (+44)-1223-765127
Email: email

Research Interests

My research concerns the properties of many-particle quantum systems in a broad context, both within the field of cold atoms and molecules and in solid-state systems.

Research Activities


Research Group

Group members and co-workers

For information on joining TCM see the pages concerning post-graduate or post-doctoral vacancies.

NEW: Open Post-doc position (closing date 30 April 2020).


2007 Maxwell Medal and Prize awarded by the Institute of Physics
2012 Distinguished Scholar of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics
2013 Humboldt Research Award
2013 EPSRC Established Career Fellowship
2017 Simons Investigator Award
2019 Lord Rayleigh Medal and Prize awarded by the Institute of Physics

Current Teaching

Part II Literature Reviews
Theoretical Physics 2
Supervisions for Pembroke College

Past Teaching

Theoretical Physics 1
Advanced Quantum Physics
Theoretical Physics 2
Cambridge/MIT Exchange
Relativity, Electrodynamics and Light