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    Science Editor's Highlight
    Commentary: Stem cell competition: how speeding mutants beat the rest
    Commentary: Measuring stem cell dynamics in the human colon – where there's a wiggle, there's a way.

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    Highlight: Sperm Spawned by Shifty, Shape-Shifting Stem Cells

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    Preview: Ballroom Dancing with Stem Cells: Placement and Displacement in the Intestinal Crypt

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    Preview: Deterministic or Stochastic Choices in Retinal Neuron Specification

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    Research Highlight: Stem cells: Hierarchy in the population
    News and Views: Cell biology: Dormant and restless skin stem cells

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    Commentary: Science perspectives

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    Commentaries: Nature news | Nature, News and Views | Science Now | Cancer research UK |
    Press reports: ABC News | BBC News | Boston Globe | Dail Mail | eCancer | El Pais | Independent | LA Times | Medical Daily | NPR News | Telegraph | The Scientist
    Info: Stem cells and cancer

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    Commentaries: Nature Reviews: Molecular Cell Biology | Developmental Cell | Nature News and Views

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    Commentary: Development

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