Postdoctoral positions

We are currently searching for two postdoctoral positions. In one case, we are looking for a theorist/mathematician interested in studying the applications of statistical approaches to biological systems. Further details of this position, including the closing date can be found here.

In the second case, we are looking for an experimentalist to study quantitatively the development of mouse lung using a combination of cell lineage tracing approaches, single cell profiling and marker based assays. The work will be carried within the lab of Dr Emma Rawlins at the Wellcome Trust-Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, with close affiliation to both research groups. Further details of this position, including the closing date can be found here.

For further enquiries, potential applicants are encouraged to contact Ben Simons.

Graduate studies: Biology (Theory and Experiment)

During the current academic year, the group may be seeking to appoint at least one graduate student in the area of biological physics to start in October 2019.

Alongside projects involving the development of theoretical approaches to biology, we especially welcome applications from students interested in undertaking joint experimental and theoretical work with partner laboratories in Cambridge. Current research interests include the exploitation of genetic lineage tracing assays to study patterns of stem and progenitor cell fate in adult and developing tissues. The group is also interested in the study of pathways leading to the dysregulation of stem cells in disease models.

Futher projects involving the synthesis of transcriptome and epigenome data to explore dynamical heterogeneity of gene expression in embryonic stem cells are planned.

EU and Non-EU applicants should note the funding requirements of the University and they should ensure that their application meets the deadlines imposed by appropriate funding schemes. For further details of the arrangements at the Cavendish, we refer to the following link.

Regrettably, the lab is not in a position to support Masters students or host Summer placements.

Graduate studies: Physics

We regret that the group will not be recruiting graduate students in theoretical quantum condensed matter physics this year.