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An Advanced Working Group on Itinerant Frustration (AWGIF) will be held at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, on July 20-22, 2015 (Mon-Wed). This is intended to be a small meeting (limited to approximately 30 participants) combining a sparse programme of talks with plenty of time for discussions. It is in the tradition of a successful series of 'Advanced Working Groups' organised in the past at Royal Holloway.

The 3-day meeting is aimed at stimulating a focused discussion between theorists and experimentalists on topics at the interface between itinerant electrons and frustrated magnetism. In order to help understand the broad range of behaviours that these models and materials (e.g., pyrochlore Iridates, spinel Vanadates, etc.) exhibit -- encompassing Weyl semimetals, fractional Chern insulators and anomalous Hall transport -- this workshop aims at bringing together experts in the areas of itinerant electron physics, frustrated magnetism, Kondo lattices and periodic Anderson models, heavy fermions and Chern insulators.

There will be a handful of overview talks by C. Batista, C. Broholm, Z. Hiroi and Y. Motome, on topics including phenomenology and theoretical modelling in heavy fermion and Anderson/Kondo lattice systems, anomalous Hall physics, materials, phenomenology, and experimental techniques, and frustrated magnetism with mobile defects.

How to apply

Applications to participate in the event should be sent to the email address: We regret that spaces are limited and a selection will be necessary to ensure an adequate balance of participants. Only applications received by the deadline of April 26 will be given full consideration.

As the number of talks is rather limited, we shall solicit possible contributions once we know who is coming, in order to generate a broadly balanced programme. If there is a piece of work you are particularly excited about, please let us know.

Thanks to support from ICAM, we can cover all accommodation and subsistence expenses for the participants, and there is no registration fee for the event. However, funds for travel reimbursement are extremely limited and if your ability to participate is strictly subject to travel support, please contact us at your earliest convenience with an estimate for the support you require so that we can see to what extent we can help.


Email contact:

Key Dates

April 26, 2015
Application deadline

May 3, 2015
Confirmation of selected participants

July 20-22, 2015