Cambridge/MIT Exchange

Physics co-ordinator: Nigel Cooper

Please note that, from the academic year 2011/12, the Cambridge/MIT exchange programme is no longer in place, except for students enrolled in the Engineering Tripos.

Information prior to 2011

[Links outdated.]

The Cambridge/MIT exchange allows Cambridge undergraduates to spend one year at MIT. Information and application procedures are available on the CME webpages.
For Cambridge students taking the four-year physics course, the exchange takes place during the third year - i.e. the Part II year is spent at MIT (see the Part II Physics course handbook for further details). The FAQ below is intended for current Cambridge physics students who are considering applying for the MIT exchange.


[Answers are from Cambridge physics students who went to MIT on this exchange.] I am very grateful to former MIT exchange students for their helpful input to this FAQ and in other ways, including Alastair Currie, Will Buttinger, Lars Boyde, Katie Atkinson and Lukas Witkowski.

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