articles relating to mind-matter unification

This page is under development.from the original version of the Web pages of a couple of years ago. More papers can be accessed via the Home Page.

  1. A report on a symposium centred around the question of how possible it is for science to investigate consciousness: Athens symposium report.
  2. The paranormal, and other heresies
  3. Physics and the Mind issues, e.g. is Quantum Theory all inclusive; subtleties related to complementarity; where does meaning fit in; what might be behind the parallels between quantum reality and the world of the mind?
  4. Futuristic proposals concerned with the possibility of there being a fundamental connection between music and the mind.
  5. papers concerned with cognition and development, including language
The following is my collection of philosophically oriented papers on, as generated by the 'philpapers gadget' (note: if your browser is not displaying the quotes in the abstracts correctly, changing the text encoding setting to 'unicode' may help. Alternatively, use this link):
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