The following papers are available:

  1. Times Higher Educational Supplement review of the BBC2 TV series Heretic.
  2. The Biological Utilisation of Quantum Non-Locality
    Normally it is considered that the non-local connections demonstrated by Bell's theorem do not allow transmission of information. In this paper, published in Foundations of Physics, we argue that the situation is more subtle: that biosystems may have 'intelligent' observational abilities connected with the ability to perceive meaning, and thereby evade the usual limitations which are essentially statistical in character.
  3. A common theme of sceptics is "we would have to start science all over again" if psychokinesis or the like existed. True or false? On the one hand, it does happen now and again in the history of science that we do "have to start over again": in a big way as with the advent of quantum theory, or in a smaller way as with the discovery that parity is not always conserved. On the other hand, it is equally true that we do not have to start all over again when these mini-revolutions occur: the changes are important in some situations but unimportant in others. A letter published in Physics Today argues that in fact it is quite conceivable for psi as a phenomenon to coexist with the traditional discoveries of science. Valentini's work elaborates on this theme.
  4. The Paranormal: the Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness
    This article, written in collaboration with Prof. Jessica Utts, reviews recent evidence for the reality of psi and considers its possible explanation in terms of conventional science.

See also: Scepticism and Psi: a Behavioral and Brain Sciences commentary.