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QMCDG meetings are held every alternate Wednesday in term time. They alternate with ESDG. Meetings begin at 11am in the TCM Seminar room.

If you've got a topic you'd like to give a seminar on, let me know. A few seminar ideas:

  • An in depth look at a CASINO module, or function you wrote.
  • A discussion of a particular aspect of QMC or related subject. e.g. Minimisation, K-point sampling.
  • A discussion about how you're planning to change CASINO, to make it faster / better / work on a graphics card.
  • An idea you've got, but want advice on how to continue. Or a particular project that's stalled.

Please send comments, suggestions and requests to speak to:

Andrew Morris : ajm255 at

Planned talks

(In chronological order)

2009 Easter Term

10th June 2009

Microtalk Robert Lee

Discussion Modus Operandi Lead by Neil Drummond

24th June 2009


8th July 2009


Please send comments, suggestions and requests to speak to:

Andrew Morris : ajm255 at

Past talks

(In chronological order by talk...

...and anti-chronological order by term)

2009 Easter Term

29th April 2009

Talk : More 2 component DFT Alston Misquitta

Minitalk (20 mins) : Grand Canonical Twist Averaging Done Right Matthew Foulkes [slides, pdf]

13th May 2009

Microtalk Priyanka Seth [slides, pdf]

Microtalk Pablo Lopez Rios

Microtalk Gareth Griffiths [slides, pdf]

2009 Lent Term

21st January 2009

Discussion : Is QMC any use to Quantum Chemists? Lead by Mike Towler

4th February 2009

Talk : A Critical Anaylsis of the paper by Snook, Per and Russo Alston Misquitta [slides, pdf]

Talk : 2 component DFT Alston Misquitta [slides, pdf]

18th February 2009

No Meeting, in its place ESDG-extra Phil Hasnip

4th March 2009

Microtalk : Norm-conserving DMC Neil Drummond

Talk : May the force be with you Richard Needs

18th March 2009

Microtalk Matthew Foulkes [slides, pdf]

Talk : General Jastrow declares war on correlation Pablo [slides, pdf]

1st April 2009

Microtalk Norbert Nemec

Talk Random Number Generators Ryo [slides, pdf]

2008 Michaelmas Term

15th October 2008

Introduction : Andrew Morris

2 minute introductions. Who you are. What you do.

Annual "State of the Group" speech : Richard Needs

29th October 2008

Discussion : Projects Lead by Richard

12th November 2008

Discussion : Parallelisation on a grand scale Lead by Andrew

26th November 2008

How To : Use the revision control system that we've decided to use. Pablo

My First Project : Priyanka Seth [slides, pdf]

My First Project : Gareth Griffiths [slides, pdf]

2008 Summer Vacation

25th June 2008

Gareth Conduit : Triplet Pairing Orbitals in a spin.

Andrew Morris : Andrew's Defects

FRIDAY 11th July 2008

Discussion : A new cluster for TCM?

Micro-talks : Pablo

2008 Easter Term

14th May 2008

Micro-talks : John T.

Richard Needs : Calculating Nuclear Motion

28th May 2008

Norbert Nemec : Slater-type orbitals [slides, pdf]

Robert Lee : Biexitons [slides, pdf]

11th June 2008

Micro-talk : Neil Drummond : New Results for the 2DEG

Micro-talk : John Trail : Hybrid Phases etc

Discussion : RJN, NDD, JRT : On the above talks

2008 Easter Vacation

16th April 2008

Micro-talks : Pablo Lopez Rios [slides, pdf], Norbert Nemec [slides, pdf : movie 1, gif : movie 2, gif], and Richard Needs

30th April 2008

Micro-talks : Mike and Neil [slides, pdf]

Neil Drummond : Ewald Interactions and Finite-Size errors [slides, pdf]

2008 Lent Term

23rd January 2008

Micro-talks : Rob Lee [slide, pdf], John Jumper and Norbert Nemec

Everyone : General discussion

6th February 2008

Micro-talks : Andrew Morris [movie, gif] and Gareth Conduit

Pablo Lopez Rios : CASINO_UPDATE for the masses

Pablo Lopez Rios : Current CASINO developments [slides, pdf]

20th February 2008

Micro-talks : Alexander [slides, pdf]

Matt Brown : Minimisation [slides, pdf]

5th March 2008

Micro-talks : Graham [slides, pdf] and Matt [slide, pdf]

John Jumper : The Theory of Reptation Monte Carlo [slides, pdf]