Picture of random dotsQuantum Monte Carlo discussion group: this is a fortnightly meeting where members of the TCM Needs (QMC, AIRSS, etc.) group explore problems and keep each other up-to-date. It is held on alternate Wednesdays at 11:00am in the TCM seminar room.

The old QMCDG website may be found here. Please talk to me (rml38) if you want to give a talk or have something to say about how things are run. I would also be grateful for any slides that speakers would like to make available.

The meetings are intended to be very informal; talks don't need to be polished and the focus is on discussion. Furthermore, the topic is not by any means restricted to QMC - other subjects (eg. random structure searching) frequently come up.

Current TCM group members:

Other information: To access talk slides, you will need your Raven login.

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