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2011/02/18-19 AWGEPTM

18th and 19th February 2011, Royal Holloway, University of London


General Concepts: The Advanced Working Group on Experimental Probes for Topological Materials aims at stimulating a discussion between theorists and experimentalists on how to identify distinctive manifestations of topological phases and boundary states in real materials. Experimentalists will have the possibility to carefully scrutinise the most promising theoretical proposals, while theorists will learn more about what experimental settings and techniques are available and what they can / cannot achieve.
Some of the topics that the meeting aims to cover are:

  1. realising and probing Majorana fermions in 1D networks, 3He systems, p-wave superconductors, etc.
  2. what experimental probes are available for topological insulators?
  3. topological aspects and unconventional pairing in non-centrosymmetric superconductors

The meeting is organised around a few overview talks. These talks are intended not to present one's own work only but rather to discuss the state of the art of the field and highlight interesting issues and open questions. The overview talks will be complemented by a limited number of 10 min presentations where participants can present very latest results, ongoing work, or comment on known theoretical or experimental results. An integral part of the workshop will be extended chaired discussion periods, during which previous themes will be revisited.


Claudio Castelnovo, Jorge Quintanilla, Matthias Eschrig


  1. James Annett
  2. Peter Baker
  3. Geetha Balakrishnan
  4. Steve Blundell
  5. Piet Brouwer
  6. Fiona Burnell
  7. John Chalker
  8. Laurent Chapon
  9. Nigel Cooper
  10. Tom Fennell
  11. Zahid Hasan
  12. Adrian Hillier
  13. Chris Hooley
  14. Oleg Kricheck
  15. Roderich Moessner
  16. Joel Moore
  17. Christopher Mudry
  18. Yuval Oreg
  19. Francis Pratt
  20. Rahul Roy
  21. Jim Sauls
  22. John Saunders
  23. Andreas Schnyder
  24. Steve Simon
  25. Ady Stern
  26. Benjamin Beri

Travel and Lodging Information

A map of the Royal Holloway Grounds can be found here.Dinner will be served in the Founder's Building (No.1 on the campus map); the entrance is where the curly "i" of "information point" is located on the map.

Accommodation will be distributed across three locations:

The conference venue is the Kingswood Blue Room at Royal Holloway Kingswood Campus, Egham, TW20 0LG.

(Post codes are extremely precise in the UK and inserting the post code alone in Google Maps will direct you precisely to the place you are looking for.)


An needs to be completed in order to obtain a reimbursement for your expenses. Note that  ‘Your Ref’ box should be left blank. Visitors from the UK will be reimbursed by cheque so it is important they complete the address section. Overseas claimants will be paid by electronic transfer so it is important they include all the bank details requested on the form. Original receipts need to be attached (affixed onto a piece of A4 paper and numbered to correspond to the item number they are listed as on the form). Electronic receipts need to be printed and attached to the forms. Please complete the form and mail it with the receipts directly to:

Claire Porter
room W115
Department of Physics
Royal Holloway College, University of London
Egham, Surrey
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom


Royal Holloway Physics Department and SEPnet.

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