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Physics Roots

Physics Roots is a genealogy of physicists according to the relation between PhD supervisor and student. The progeny of a physicist are those students whom he supervised for the degree of PhD and who then pursued an academic career. Before PhDs were commonplace among academics, a physicist's offspring included those students who completed their first research training under his guidance. In all cases the relationship is one of master and apprentice.

Entries include the physicists name, the university at which he took his PhD (first trained) and the year in which he graduated (completed his training).

The present genealogy includes three as yet unrelated trees. It originated by tracing the ancestors of physicists of the Theory group of the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge, although many cousins are listed who work elsewhere.

The genealogy was, and continues to be, constructed by the contribution of many people. Accordingly, there are omissions and errors. Please email additions and corrections to me.

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