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About My Page

For you or for me?

This site focuses on my research papers, books and interests. Some of it is useful for others, and some of it is useful for me; in the words of David MacKay, 'When I acquire information, I usually put the details on a webpage, so that I don't need a memory, and so that other people can use this information too.'


At the top right of each page I list the date when that page was last modified. This tells you how recent the information on a page is.


The layout is organised as follows:
Top masthead: Site name and general information about me and my homepage.
Centre column: This is where the content is. It is the only region that ever changes during browsing.
Left menu: This is the menu for the academic part of my site. From here you can access all of the content with a single click; there are no secondary menus. 'Highlights' leads to no new content but signals recent changes, papers and events and lists some external links.
Right menu: This is the menu for the popular part of my site. Again, from here you can access all of the content with a single click. 'Highlights' shows recent changes and internal and external links.

Browser notes

I moved from Linux to Mac OS X and remain euphoric. (Don't despair, I still use vi extensively.) These pages were designed using Safari; if you see any bugs on other browsers, please email me.

Production notes

Rather than using a software package to create these pages, I edit all of the html files by hand. The masthead, left menu and right menu are all inserted using server side includes, and all of the pages are formatted using a single style file (style.css).


In 2007, this site had 63,800 visitors and 123,000 page views.
In 2008, this site had 72,300 visitors and 121,200 page views.
In 2009, this site had 79,359 visitors and 124,075 page views.

Typographical summary

Text, principal
    Typeface Arial
    Text size 12 px
    Leading 17 px
Text, menu highlights
    Typeface Arial
    Text size 11 px
    Leading 16 px
Text, headings
    Typeface Georgia
    Text size, primary 21.6 px
    Text size, secondary 18 px
    Text size, tertiary 14.4 px
    Aspect ratio 3:4
    Size, small 120 x 160 px
    Size, large 180 x 240 px
    Border 10 px
    Top masthead 60 px high
    Left menu 215 px wide
    Centre column 500 px wide
    Right menu 215 px wide
    Background, centre column white
    Background, other regions pale grey (F9F9F9)
    Text black (default)
    Link blue (default)
    Hover over link light blue (6495ED)
    Visited link purple (default)
    'Last modified', etc. grey (A9A9A9)

Thomas Fink

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