Current research

Currently, I am working on a project on the interlayer binding in graphite, using ab initio quantum Monte Carlo methods implemented in the CASINO code. The weak binding is dominated by London dispersion forces which are not reproduced at all by commonly used density functional methods based on local or semilocal approximations. Most dispersion corrections that are based on atomistic models still fail to capture the the very special semi-metallic electronic structure of the graphene sheets. Diffusion Monte Carlo, on the other hand, naturally includes the long ranged correlations directly within the ab initio quantum system. The remaining challenge is the extreme precision necessary to describe the small energy differences in combination with a system size that drives the method to the limits of what is currently computationally possible.

General research interests

Scientific expertise


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Nichtkompakte Gittereichtheorien ("Non-compact lattice gauge theories")

N. Nemec (diploma thesis, FAU Erlangen, 2003)