Welcome to my personal Homepage!

About me

I am a computational physicist, generally interested in the simulation of quantum condensed matter physics as well as methods and tools for numerical software development in general.

My current research focuses on the ab initio simulation of complex quantum systems at the nanoscale using quantum Monte Carlo methods. I am working at the University of Cambridge in the QMC Research group on the interlayer coupling of graphite.

Before, I spent four years at the University of Regensburg in the Molecular Computing Group on my PhD project about the electronic structure and transport properties of carbon nanostructures.

Besides physics, I've been interested in Open Source software since 1995, when I first installed Linux on my computer. Over the years, I have gathered all kinds of experience in programming, system and network adminstration.

Together with my wife and our son, we are currently enjoying the English way of life in our beautiful little house in Trumpington and looking forward to a second year in this fascinating country.

I am a member of the vocal ensemble, Die Beinahe Sechs, active since 1998, and recently joined the Cambridge Chord Company.