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Last year's exam paper

Last year’s TP2 paper is here. And here are the worked solutions. At this point we have covered the material needed to answer the first two questions.

Older exam papers, from the previous incarnation of this course, are still available on Nigel Cooper’s
web page. Scattering theory is unchanged from that course, and there is significant overlap in the treatment of density matrices. So questions on these two topics from the older course are worth working through.

If you need more problems, please bear in mind that every one of the topics in this course is covered in almost all advanced texts in quantum mechanics. In particular,
this book contains more than 700 solved problems. No need to go hungry!

I was an undergraduate here, and recall rarely opening any of the recommended books. What was I thinking? Course handouts are a good start but leave a false impression that any subject is bounded and finite. Your friends in the humanities read dozens of books per term and don’t suffer the same delusion.

Quantum mechanics is the same subject whether in Cambridge or Cantabria. If you find one treatment of a topic confusing, seek out one you like better.
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