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Daniel Molnar

Dr Daniel Molnar

Dr Daniel Molnar

Postdoc in Prof Payne's group

Office: 536 Mott Bld
Phone: +44(0)1223 3 37456

TCM Group, Cavendish Laboratory
19 JJ Thomson Avenue,
Cambridge, CB3 0HE UK.


I am currently investigating Electromagnetic Surface Waves (SW) and their propagation properties. The main interest of this project is to find out the feasiblity of using the existing Cu wire networks for THz and broadband communications using SW technology. I'm involved with the theory and the fundamental research aspects of the project.

My other interests include strongly correlated electron systems and systems on the border of quantum criticality with a focus on emergent phenomena such as superconductivity, especially in 2D systems. Recently I have been investigating the Bi-S system, particularly the BiSfamily of materials.

Another area that I'm interested in is complex systems in general, including biological and classical systems that display chaotic behaviour. I'm trying to create a framework in which these can be understood from a purely theoretical perspective and can be described from first principles.