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Finite Extensibility Effects in Nematic Elastomers

Y. Mao, M. Warner, E. M. Terentjev, R. C. Ball

Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road,
Cambridge, CB3 OHE, UK.


We present a model calculation of the elasticity of a nematic elastomer of finite-lengthed network strands under affine deformation. The result is derived in its full tensorial structure, and its predictions are examined. In particular, we look at the non-Gaussian corrections to the effects of soft elasticity and elastic anisotropy. We find that the soft modes can at most be hardened at tex2html_wrap_inline45 when compared to the conventional rubber elastic energy, where N is the number of monomer units along a typical strand. The elastic moduli for extensions parallel and perpendicular to the nematic director are found to differ at .

Yong Mao
Sat Nov 15 11:01:49 GMT 1997