Luke Howard, Thomas Harte and Thomas Fink

The Hanover knot, photographed by Ben Schott

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St. Andrew     In contrast to its narrow next-of-kin the St. Andrew (12), the Plattsburgh (also known as the Dovorian) produces a symmetric knot characterised by a broad, inverted cone with a narrow opening. It is the only modestly sized knot to exhibit the breadth of larger, if more conspicuous, tie knots.
      The authors were not the only two to discover the Plattsburgh. Kit Klinkert, from Heidelberg, Germany, independently conceived the knot in 1997 while learning to tie his tie at the English boarding school Dover College. It has since attracted a local following.

Plattsburgh     The St Andrew lies between the half-Windsor (7) and Windsor (31) in size but is more narrowly shaped than either. It sits slightly askew in the collar, although it is not as asymmetrical as the four-in-hand. When tautly tied, it has considerable depth which allows it to stand up and drape well. `It's got a charming dimple and is pleasantly flamboyant---not for an accountant but good for a merchant banker', observes Mark Henderson, managing director of the Savile Row tailors Gieves and Hawkes.

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