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Thermoelectric Properties of Quantum Hall Systems


Observable Bulk Signatures of Non-Abelian Quantum Hall States
N. R. Cooper and Ady Stern
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 176807 (2009) [PRL, arXiv:0812.3387]

Derivative relation for thermopower in the quantum Hall regime
Steven H. Simon and Nigel R. Cooper
Phys. Rev. B 56, R7116 (1997). [PRB, cond-mat/9705079]

Thermoelectric Response of an Interacting Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Quantizing Magnetic Field
N. R. Cooper, B. I. Halperin and I. M. Ruzin
Phys. Rev. B 55, 2344 (1997). [PRB, cond-mat/9607001]