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Skyrmions in Quantum Hall Systems

Under certain conditions, two-dimensional electron systems in strong magnetic field behave as ``quantum Hall ferromagnets''. These unusual ferromagnets have the novel property that the local magnetic vorticity (or ``Skyrmion'' density) is directly related to the physical charge density. In view of this vorticity/charge equivalence, electrical potentials couple directly to the magnetic vorticity.

Within the present context, a ``Skyrmion'' is a configuration of a two-dimensional ferromagnet which has a non-trivial global topological structure (this Skyrmion configuration cannot be deformed into the magnetic groundstate, in which all spins are aligned, by a smooth or continuous process). The importance of Skyrmions for quantum Hall systems arises from the discovery (based on both theoretical and experimental evidence) that they describe the lowest-energy charged excitations of quantum Hall ferromagnets, and therefore dominate many of the low-temperature properties of these systems.
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Schematic illustration of a Skyrmion in a two-dimensional ferromagnet. Many degenerate configurations can be generated by rotating all spins around a fixed axis.


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