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Anyons in QH Systems


Signatures of Fractional Exclusion Statistics in the Spectroscopy of Quantum Hall Droplets
N. R. Cooper and S. H. Simon
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 106802 (2015) [PRL Editors' Suggestion, arXiv:1411.4168]

Correlations and beam splitters for quantum Hall anyons
Smitha Vishveshwara and N. R. Cooper
Phys. Rev. B 81, 201306(R) (2010) [PRB, arXiv:0908.3945]

Scattering Theory for Quantum Hall Anyons in a Saddle Point Potential
A. Matthews and N. R. Cooper
Phys. Rev. B 80, 165309 (2009) [PRB, arXiv:0906.5537]