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Research Seminars of Nigel Cooper

The Half-Filled Landau Level (31/1/17) [pdf]

Superradiance-induced particle flow via dynamical gauge coupling (31/8/16) [pdf]

Quantum Quenches in Chern Insulators (10/11/15) [pdf]

Effects of Berry Curvature on Ultracold Gases (2/3/15) [pdf]

Adiabatic Preparation of Vortex Lattices (1/7/13) [pdf]

Mapping the Berry Curvature of Optical Lattices (17/5/12) [pdf]

Topological Bandstructures for Ultracold Atoms (22/9/11) [pdf, KITP]

Skyrmions in Condensed Matter Systems (10/11/10) [pdf]

Bose-Hubbard Models with Gauge Fields: Frustrated Quantum Spins (27/8/10) [pdf]

Signatures of the FFLO State in the Collective Modes of a Trapped Fermi gas (11/5/10) [pdf]

Measuring the Superfluid Fraction of Ultracold Atomic Gases (12/4/10) [pdf]

Topological superfluid phase of polar fermionic molecules (15/7/09) [pdf]

Correlated Phases of Atomic Bose Gases on a Rotating Lattice (11/7/09) [pdf]

Theory of Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Semiconductor Quantum Wires (20/1/09) [pdf]

Spinning Topological Phases from Cold Atomic Gases [CUPS, 31/10/07] [pdf]

Density Waves and Supersolidity in Rapidly Rotating Atomic Fermi Gases (30/6/07) [pdf]

"Zero resistance" states from Surface Acoustic Waves (9/6/04) [pdf]

Strongly-Correlated Groundstates in Rotating Atomic Bose Gases (12/5/04) [KITP]

Non-Abelian States in Rotating Bose Gases (6/4/04) [KITP]

Stable Skyrmions in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates (8/2/02) [pdf]

Quantum Phases of Vortices in Atomic Bose Condensates (26/6/01) [gzipped-ps]

Vortex Liquids in Atomic Bose Condensates and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (2/11/99) [gzipped-ps]

Solitons in Ferromagnets and Quantum Hall Ferromagnets (4/2/99) [gzipped-ps]

Theory of Photoluminescence at nu=1 (9/3/98) [gzipped-ps]

Skyrmion Physics in Quantum Hall Ferromagnets (18/12/97) [gzipped-ps]