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MJ Rutter

My web presence is split in three. There is an official profile, a page of computing things, and this page which is mostly recreational.

I have a separate page of Cambridge photos.

Being English, I should start with links about the weather, past, present and future.

Past: the Botanic Garden
Past and present: the CL, WeatherHQ and LGFL (Cambridge is on the drop-down menu of sites)
Future: from the Met Office and the BBC.

As obligatory as being interested in the weather is being interested in genealogy. Fortunately someone else has done the hard work for me, so here I simply can record being descended from the John Snoulton Rutter found in this tree and my admiration for the excellent work which has gone in to this Sampson/Rutter website. The name Rutter is slightly too common for easy genealogical research, so I am fortunate that my branch of Rutters is connected to the slightly less common names of Sicard and Snoulten.

Though historically "my" Rutters were based in Kent, I was brought up in Kingston upon Thames. I came to Cambridge as an undergraduate, and, like so many, stayed. From the end of 2014 until Summer 2018 I served as the President of the pleasantly apolitical Cambridge Branch of the UCU.