Project 1  Crossing of discontinuities in MHD

  Project 2  Classification of magneto-ordered phases
                     in quasi-crystals

  Project 3 Super-Quasisolid

  Project 4 Isotope Disorder and Residual Resistivity
                   of Heavy Fermion Compounds

  Project 5 Phase Transition on Surface of a Compressible Solid

  Project 6 Supersolid in Two Dimensions  

  Project 7 Elasticity and Melting of Quasi-Crystals in Two Dimensions  

  Project 8 Regularisation in the Band Tail Problem  

  Project 9 Spectrum of Electrons in arbitrary deformed Carbon Nanotubes  

  Project 10 Sound Radiation at Interband Tunnelling  

  Project 11 Effect of Disorder on Interband Tunnelling  

  Project 12 Statistics Transmutation for Particles with a Spin