LECTURES                                                               PROBLEMS

Introduction                                                                     Problems 0

Statistical meaning of Heat. Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Lecture 1                                                                          Problems 1

Gibbs Distribution. Statistical Mechanics and Thermodyanamics

Lecture 2                                                                           Problems 2

Fermy and Bose Distributions. Ideal Gase.

Lecture 3                                                                           Problems 3

Digression on Boltzmann Equation

Lecture 4                                                                           Problems 4

Phonon kinetics.

Lecture 5                                                                           Problems 5

Genesis of Band Structure. Gap-less Semiconductors.

Lecture 6                                                                           Problems 6

Optics in Semiconductors. Excitons.

Lecture 7                                                                           Problems 7

Transport.  Galvano-magnetic phenomena.

Lecture 8

Electron Kinetics and Collective Excitations in Metals.

Lecture 9

Responses in Free Electron Gas. Electron Green's Function. Magnetism in Metals. Fridel Oscillations,
Kohn Anomaly, Orthogonality Catastrophe.

Lecture 10

Superconductivity. Ginzburg-Landau Theory. Type II Superconductivity. Josephson Effect.

Lecture 11

Cooper Effect.  BCS.  Quasiparticles and their Charge.  Andreev Reflection.

Lecture 12

Magnetic Impurities in Metals. Kondo Effect.

Lecture 13

Spin Resonance and Spin Relaxation

Lecture 14

Magnetism in Dielectrics.  Spin waves. Kosterlitz-Thouless transition.

Lecture 15

Negative Magnetoresistance. Weak Localization. Scaling Theory.

Lecture 16

Metal-Insulator Transition.  Hopping Conductivity, Percolation and Coulumb Gap

Lecture 17

Physics in Low Dimensions. Slighting Charge Density Waves. Solitons.

Lecture 18

Two-dimensional Electron Gas and Quantum Hall Effect

Lecture 19.

Low-temperature Properties of Glasses.

Lecture 20

Surface of Solids

Directions for further reading


Appendisx 1.

Radiation-less transitions

Appendix 2

Electron-hole Liquid in Semiconductors

Appendix 3

Sound in Metals

Appendix 4.

Effects of Electron-electron Interaction in Disordered Metals

Appendix 5

Granular Superconductors

Appendix 6

Dissipative Quantum Tunneling

Appendix 7

Non-equilibrium superconductivity

Appendix 8

Quantum Phase Transition in Itinerant Ferromagnet

Appendix 9

Liquid and Solid Helium

Appendix 10

Dielectric Losses

Appendix 11

Magnetism in Oxides

Appendix 12


Appendix 13

Mesophases and Liquid Crystals

Appendix 14


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