(12 Lectures )

Lecture 1.
Liouville theoreme, distribution fucntion and the
Boltzmann equation. Hypothesis of molecular chaos and collision integral.
Examples of electron collisions in solids. Detailed ballance. Maxwell,
Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions.

Lecture 2.    Tau-approximation for collision integral. Diffusion
equation, linear responce, conductivity and the Einstein relations.
Magnetoresistance, the Hall effect and thermo-power for electrons in

Lecture 3. Derivation of Hydrodynamics from Kinetics. Kinetic
coefficients of atomic gases

Lecture 4. Self-consistent field and collision-less dynamics for
plasma. Plasma oscillations and the Landau damping.

Lecture 5. Diffusion approximation for the Boltzmann
equation. Fokker-Plank equation for heavy particle in a gas of light
particles. Hot electrons in semiconductors and weakly ionized
plasma. Electron temperature, current-voltage characteristics, the energy
relaxation rate.

Lecture 6. Coulomb collisions in plasma. Landau collision integral
for the Coulomb scattering.  Heat tranport from electrons to
ions. Running away.

Lecture 7. Boundary problem for kinetic equation. Normal and
anomalous skin-effect.

Lecture 8.Kinetics of cascade processes. An example: `ballistic`
phonons in dielectrics. Non-local phonon thermo-conductivity.

Lecture 9. BBGK hierarchy of kinetic equations. Fluctuation of
the distribution function. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium
noises. Example: Noise of hot electrons in semiconductors.

Lecture 10.  Kinetics of first order phase transition. Nucleation and
Coalescence. Lifshits-Sleozov scaling.

Lecture 11. Quantum kinetics. Wigner function and kinetic
equation. Magnetic resonance. Bloch equation. Longitudinal and transverce
relaxation rates. Examples. Non-linearity, saturation. Hyperfine
interaction of Overhauser effect.

Lecture 12.  Non-equlibrium superconductivity. Kinetic
equations. Charge imbalance. Penetration of electric field in
superconductors. Collective excitations.


Appendix 1.
Rarified Gases

Appendix 2.
Gases of rotating molecules.

Appendix 3.
Plasma in Magnetic Field. Collision-less Hydrodynamics.
Waves and Instabilities. Modification of Collision Integral in
Magnetic Field

Appendix 4.
Sound attenuation in metals. Non-linear attenuation

Appendix 5.
Kinetics of spin magnetization in metals

Appendix 6.
 Kramers' Problem of escape from a Trap

Appendix 7.

Appendix 8.
Chemical Kinetics and Fluctuations

Appendix 9.
Keldysh Diagrammatics.

Appendix 10.
Long Time Tails and Crisis of Classical Kinetics